Friday, 29 January 2010

Is 2010 the Year Of The Quilt?

Now it's obvious that I am a bit of a quilt-a-holic, and to be fair I do begin most years thinking this is 'the-year-that-everyone-realises-that-their-life-really-would-be-complete-if-they-only-made-a-quilt'. But I must say that I really DO think that this is the year of the Quilt. My evidence

i) The wider world has gone craft mad, John Lewis are selling out of sewing machines, knitting classes are over subscribed, even my hairdresser is telling me she wants to start making things

ii) The sunday supplements are full of the New Craft Movement - The Times Magazine proclaimed Quilt Making Clubs the thing of the moment last weekend ( yeah! I'm accidentally cool!)

iii) The Victoria and Albert Museum in London has a major new exhibition opening at the beginning of March called 'Quilts: 1700-2010', I can't wait!

iv) My little old quilt kits have been popping up on all sorts of kind peoples blogs. See my quilts here at Folksy Weddings, as a great wedding present ( don't you just love this blogs theme of folksy weddings? I want to get married all over again (same groom of course!). And the blog readers of Cuteable just kept coming back for more quilty goodies, see me here too.

So in 2010 if you want to be hip, get quilty!

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  1. It's funny how it's so cool all of a sudden, isn't it? I quite like being accidently cool!!!