Friday, 15 January 2010

Boys for Beginners

I've decided I am officially hibernating. There's something quite liberating about deciding you will make like a Badger. On SnowWatch on BBC last night they said that the Badger ( sensible fellows that they are) eat like mad on the run up to a cold snap, then take to the burrow and just mooch about until it warms up ( and they slim down??). They don't full on go to sleep, they just accept that it's all a bit cold,wet and 'orrid outside and take it easy in the warm. Outside my burrow it is hailing. It's now too slushy to push a buggy in a straight line, too slippy to walk confidently with a baby backpack, too melted in places to pull a sledge. hummm. People in very cold places who deal with this all of the time - just how do you transport the little people about?

Anyway - the upside of hibernation is an increase in time for playing with piles of fabric. I have spent a very happy two days arranging piles of fabric and having a good old sort out. I have needed a Boys Quilt for Absolute Beginners for my Make Do & Mend Kits line up for quite a while, but boys can be hard. I now have a very exciting little pile enticing me away from the everlasting basket handle sewing. I can feel a rush of new quilts coming on!

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  1. Beautiful fabrics and such lovely colours.

    Have a lovely weekend,

    Nina x