Saturday, 9 January 2010

Lime Pickle

Hummm... have spent all day moving my Lime Dash blocks around and nothing looks right.

This original planned layout is just all too messy

But spread out it's too sparse!

I'm much happier with this, going back to a block structure but throwing in some big patterns and plains to allow the eye to rest a bit!

I think I'm happy with this layout - but my brain is (lime)pickled so will leave it today and come back with new eyes tomorrow.
In true scatter gun approach I just received my long awaited little stash of Denise Schmidt Hope Valley prints. I loved the Hope Valley quilt that Rita at Red Pepper Quilts made and have been combing my old books and magazines for ideas of how I can do the fabric justice. I have really enjoyed going back to piecing a traditional block again. I have done a lot of quick piecing and applique in the last year, but 2010 is leading me back to the traditional quilt patterns. Anyway, I've decided on a 1930's basket block, set in a grey background, I think it will have some sashing too, not sure yet, will make up some blocks and have a play.

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  1. Deb! I had to dash over after reading your comment. Churn dash is my favorite block going back to when I started quilting. And I had to see your baskets because I can't decide what to do with my Hope Valley -- because, well, I want to make EVERYTHING out of that fabric. :-) Your projects look fantastic and FUN!