Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Feeling Autumny

A glorious autumn day today in the Chiltern Hills. On the way to school this morning it seemed that the trees had turned golden almost overnight. Suddenly the shapes of leaves and colours of autumn had me stuffing leaves into my pockets on the way home and now laid out on the workroom floor I'm starting to plan my homage to autumn quilt! I spent last October making Halloween quilts, but my mummy duties re Halloween now already fulfilled, this year i plan to concentrate on leaves!

Here's what I've done so far; quick rummage in the civil war scraps box yielded this lovely pile of autumn colours and a bit of drawing around leaves and freezer paper later I have my leaf pile.

I thought I'd start with the horse chestnut leaf shape, given my son Badgers devotion to them (bucket full them outside the kitchen door - 278 at the last count. We are also lucky enough to have very bountiful conker trees here! Here is Baby Button keeping guard of the conker mountain at the weekend! (ooh those cheeks!)

I always just seem get that feeling when it's time to hang my autumn wreath on the front door and today is definitely the day, here it is looking resplendent! I do love autumn.

So the logical outcome of leaves + autumn wreath is far..!

Anyway have to go, time to walk to school again (trip #3 of the day!) backwards and forwards all day long.....!