Monday, 11 January 2010

Happy Hope Valley Baskets

It's still snowing outside, but inside there is Hope Valley Happiness! I have started piecing my baskets and I am just loving how this fabric is coming together. The snow is falling and I have an afternoon of basket handle applique ahead of me whilst Baby Button sleeps before we brave the backpack cold again on the school run. Outside it's like the world has gone to sleep too - but for the Hyacinth determined to remind us that spring will come.....eventually! Keep warm and happy wherever you are!


  1. Look at those happy basket handles! This is going to be a WONDERFUL quilt! It is snowing here today -- too bad I have to spend the morning at school and then to the grocery... I want to stay in and sew. :-) Stay warm!

  2. The snow has stopped here now, just slush and ice!!

    take care and keep warm,

    Nina x