Thursday, 7 January 2010

Mr Chilly and Mr Chilly-Cake

Well I did manage a wry smile when I re read my last post. Just 2 days on and the kids are back at home, we're snowed up and my house is a trailing wet puddle of waterproofs and Lego again! Its been snowing now for 3 days and there is no school, but contentment comes in many flavours and luckily I like the messy fun version as much as the serene tidy version ( almost!).

The kids have taken up residence on the re-erected den on the landing, and Baby Button has taken the very sensible view that hibernation is the only route for a baby in this weather and is taking fantastically long lunchtime sleeps so I am getting lots of indulgent sewing time!

I finished off my matching sister quilts for my cousins girls. They are really simple and just feel so lovely to the touch. They are made in Tilda cottons and it is just the loveliest thick but soft cotton, it has a kind of old fashioned crispness to it that makes it feel even more vintage - I love it - think I will have to buy some more and make a bigger quilt for the Little Madam
I've also started sewing my Lime Dash blocks which are still bring a dash of (premature) spring to my days. I think it still needs more pattern so off to cut out some more squares and play with the placement.

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  1. I remember the heavenly lunchtime naps that drifted into early afternoon, mmmmmmmmmmmmm.

    Love the Lime dash and the Tilda quilts are gorgeous.

    Nina x