Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Projects Interrupted's so frustrating when you are half way through a project only to discover that you don't have enough/the perfect fabric to continue. Especially if, like me, you don't live within popping distance of a fabric shop. It's at least a 2.5 hour round trip, even without browsing! So it's out of the question especially when your life is ruled by the 2 hour slots the day is divided into between various school runs. I have three projects on hold awaiting the postman (Hope Valley Baskets, Princess and the Pea, Baby Button Big Bed Quilt). Therefore I am suffering from Project Interruption Malaise Syndrome (PIMS) - it's a definite syndrome, which involves much idle doodling, moping, looking wistfully out of the window every time someone goes past on a bicycle ( postman?), or a van goes by ( much excitement, I know, I do live in the sticks, its an event if a delivery van goes down our lane!)

So imagine my joy when staring out of the window, i spot this..........
And, look carefully at the parcel colour, yes it's def bright neon, that means it's fabric from here.

And joy of joys, it contained a big stack of Kona Cotton Solids, but best of all my new favoured reading matter....... a Kona Cottons Colour Card. Never again will that perfect pink turn out to be slimy salmon coloured on arrival. It's fabric colour Nirvana!

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  1. Oooh you're so lucky! I have just spent all afternoon umming and ahhing over kona solids, this would have been such a help. I too have been checking for the postman who should be bringing my craft Inc and material obsession books any day now so fingers crossed they will land on the matt tomorrow :)