Thursday, 28 January 2010

Be Still My Beating Heart

It is fair to say that when it comes to quilts and fabric I suffer from what the Victorians would call 'passions'. Slightly obsessive behaviour, characterised by the need to shut myself in the sewing room for hours. Even when out of my haven I am thinking about the new quilty fabric love and my absentminded response to my poor darling children's questions becomes the 'uhuh' (the mummy equivalent of 'whatever' ). I confess I have been lost in a recent Heather Ross passion. First it was the unicorns, then I gave in to the fabric obsessives desire to start 'collecting' old Heather Ross lightning bug prints, fat quarters here, legs from pyjamas there, little bits and bobs from other peoples clear outs, i scoured etsy and ebay.

This evening I heaved sigh of relief, the obsession was waning. Two quilts almost nearing completion (one being quilted, the other waiting to be sashed). I logged in for a quick read of my favourite blogs, and what do I discover but this..................!
Heather Ross announcing Far Far Away II coming soon from Kokka, this time featuring Rapunzel, in gorgeous colourways ( love that grey and yellow!)..........It's no good, I'm under the spell again! She then goes on to say "And stay tuned! I have some great news about my older discontinued collections coming soon!"..............oh dear! I feel at least two more quilts coming on!

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