Sunday, 17 January 2010

On the Vagaries of the British Weather

After the snow, and the ice, and the hail, and the rain, today the snow was gone. The sun shone and we drank tea in the garden under a clear blue sky.
The Hope Valley Baskets blew happily in the wind after their little submersion in the sink to float out the freezer paper templates. Aren't they pretty? Tonight when my small crawling helper/quilt saboteur is in bed I will start to play with the placement.
I'm not sure if less is more, or more is more. The original pattern I am following ( from McClun and Nownes Quilts! Quilts! Quilts!) just sets them within a plain wide border, but the fabrics are so pretty I want More!More!More! ( sorry, all those quiltish exclamation marks, I just couldn't resist). I'm wondering about prairie points, or maybe piano keys. When the kids are in bed the mummy shall play quilts.

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