Friday, 1 January 2010

2009: Quite Quilty and Unexpectedly Knitty

2009 was Quite Quilty. Lots of little baby quilts for my kits at my Make Do and Mend Shop.

Much beloved ones for the big Small People
and for the little Small Person
Some just for the joy of the season.............

In July I learnt to knit, there followed the glove obsession!

I learnt to knit a sock! Only one so far.......!The bird obsession! There was the birth of Make Club and the wonderful fun, and support and inspiration that has bought to my craft life!
And of course there was a fair amount of honest to goodness messing about with glue and buttons! Here's to more messing about with wool and fabric and buttons and ribbons in 2010!



  1. Happy New Year...

    ...your quilts are amazing.

    Here's to 2010,

    take care,

    Nina xx

  2. fantastic work - love the circle baby quilts especially!