Monday, 25 January 2010

Princess and the Pea

I've spent the last week in a lovely creative whirl making ( more!) quilts for my girls. My biggest daughter had seen and loved the Heather Ross Princess and the Pea fabrics over my shoulder one day on the Internet, but when they came a couple of weeks ago I was a bit unsure of what to do with them. It was all just a bit too orange, I was without inspiration. I was convinced that I just didn't own any orange fabric to put with it.
Well, as is often the way, whilst idly sorting out my stash piles a couple of weeks ago I found that i do in fact own loads of orange fabric, a little pile of coordinating fabrics began to grow and my original antipathy turned to love!
I decided to throw regimentation out of the window and to just freestyle piece the blocks as I couldn't decide quite how to put the colours together. It actually ended up taking longer than cutting blocks, but I did enjoy the free and easy approach. The soft brown fabric for the block frame was the hardest decision to make, 5 other browns through to greys had been auditioned and failed to make the grade. Finally rooting through the boxes that live under the desk unearthed this perfect fabric. It's last active service was in a totally disastrous quilt I made ( I think it was my third) where there was no contrast at all, you couldn't see the block pattern and it depressed me looking at the sludgy colours even as i pieced it, anyway i digress.
So here it is - The Princess and the Pea for my biggest Princess. I'll start quilting it this week and take some more pictures if the sun ever comes out.

I am now firmly in a Heather Ross groove, so this weeks project is a bigger quilt for Baby Button using my most treasured Heather Ross stash of bits and bobs. I was inspired by this quilt at ComfortStitching Blog, isn't it lovely? I'm actually going to do proper measured out blocks this time, I'm very excited about it, I'll show you some more pics later in the week.

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