Thursday, 22 October 2009

Ultimate Buggy Gloves

Today was a lovely Makey Day - look what I made; the ultimate buggy pusher gloves. They are both super warm and very stylish ( if I say so myself), but crucially they leave the mummy fingers free to carry out the many intricate manoeuvres that involve transporting primary schoolers home in one piece (attach bags to buggy, undo bike lock, re tie shoe laces, arrange pony tail under bike helmet, coat zip up, coat zip down, re tie shoe laces again etc etc).
I had obviously spent too long perusing the Toast catalogue (ooh I want that... £££ HOW MUCH?!) when looking at the socks, and subliminally the lovely slouchy fingerless gloves had also crept into the Make-Consciousness. So when faced with a lonely ball of the perfect aqua blue wool ( Mission Falls 1845 Wool - Cornflower) the ideas began to swirl.
After two very frustrating false starts ( too narrow, then the cable too small) I hit upon the perfect cable pattern ( it's my first try at cable knitting - such fun, i love it) and away I went. Excuse the rather wonky picture taken whilst rushing to school, it's surprisingly hard to photograph your own hand pushing a buggy without pushing the baby into a tree!
Then in an attempt to keep it fair between quilting and knitting I finished preparing all the applique shapes for my leaf quilt, so just two blocks left to hand applique then I need to think about the borders.
Then last but not least, the binding for my Ducks in a Row quilt is all ready to slip stitch. Now have that happy feeling of much achieved in a day.

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  1. Gorgeous mits....I was looking at some very similar ones yesterday in a rather posh Jigsaw shop, but I honestly think yours are nicer.