Friday, 2 October 2009

Happy Quilting Anniversary!

I was looking through some old pics from last year trying to find a shot of my Halloween quilt to show you (turns out it didn't get photographed on it's one outing of the year!), when I realised that this month is my quilting anniversary! Three years ago this month I finished this quilt..

Isn't it a stunner? It's still one of my favourites. It came from a pattern in Better Homes and Gardens Quilt Sampler magazine (Spring/Summer 2007). My husband bought the magazine back from the states on a business trip and it took me about 3 months to match all the fabrics ( I was so nervous about fabric choice that I literally matched all the squares to the original pattern!).

I pieced it on the sewing machine and appliqued with fusible web which was my first and last time (I always freezer paper and hand applique now). I hand quilted the whole quilt with squares and cross hatching and echo quilting - it was a labour of love!

Sadly my second quilt was a shocker - again from the same magazine I thought I'd do a Pennsylvania Barn Door pattern - I knew nothing about tonality or contrast, or indeed about piecing with any accuracy! I had bought fabric I wasn't really that keen on but i thought it matched the pattern. I more or less gave up and made this poor rag unloved at the bottom of my unfinished pile forever I fear ( It's almost too sorry a specimen to show you!).
But it taught me two things - Always make what YOU love, and I love COLOUR, lots of it!


  1. Hiya Deb
    Welcome to Blogland!!! ooooooo you're gonna love it around these parts, I can just tell!

    I am teetering on thje edge of trying my own first quilt, I've got quite a stack of squares already cut but need a few more contrasting fabrics I think....I am very excited at the prospect of it I have to say.

    Anyhooooo..lovely visiting with you, I'll be back to see you soon
    Love Lucexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Hi Luce

    Ohh thanks for replying! You are my first comment, I feel most encouraged! Ohh I'm sure you'll make a lovely colourful quilt - jump in there! In fact I was having quilty hommage thoughts when looking at your little square crochet cushion cover. Might do some very bright little 9 patch squares? ho hum, too many ideas, too many school runs, must dash