Monday, 26 October 2009

Mini Make Time!

It's half term here, so this week the Mummy Making will be largely replaced by Mini Making as the Smalls have their crafty way all week.

Ahead of this week long celebration of all things Makey I have been rushing to finish my first sock. Alas it is destined to always be a lone sock as I know now that I knitted it on too big needles, and actually I'm not mad keen enough on the wool to start all over again. But nevertheless here is my first saggy, slightly misshapen, but unmistakeably socky sock....

I have also finally turned my Make Club heart into a lovely squashy cushion. I don't know how I have never actually made a quilted cushion cover before, but it's turned out very comfy so this may be the first of many.

We're not really ones for 'Things To Do At Half Term' type scheduling of the days, we like to mooch about and make a mess - all in the name of Making Fun. The Smalls have been hard at work, with spookiness the order of the week, today we have been making felty ghosts, and the template for bats has also been agreed after some negotiation between the two artists! Anyway, I'm needed for spider web/wool stickiness so better get on...........

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  1. Congrats on winning on! Your blog is cute and I love what you've done! I love to sew and actually learned to knit 2 years ago. Hopefully I will be posting my latest projects (little sweaters) in a couple weeks when I finish the dresses that go with them! Let's share ideas! I live in the US, but have been to England 2 times! Loved it!