Monday, 5 October 2009

A Little Bit of This...a Little Bit of That

It would be fair to say that I have a limited attention span. That's not to say that I struggle to concentrate at all - more that I want to concentrate on EVERYTHING, at the same time please!

This weekend I had set aside for Leaves Quilt. We had a lovely autumn morning sunlit walk up The Big High Hill on Saturday, BabyButton in the backpack, Badger found a good stick early in the journey (so important when you are a small boy of 4) and I returned full of the joys of autumn - it all boded well. I knuckled down for a morning of autumn leaves with the help of Miss Belle (who is only a weekend helper due to unfortunate school commitments!). We were very pleased with the oak leaves (it's very helpful having small 6 year old fingers for fiddly sticking around freezer paper). Here they are, in the porch sadly, as it's raining here today so can't recreate my under the trees shot I had planned to show just how many more leaves have fallen since Friday - it's proper Autumn at last.

Anyway, that's as far as we got as like-daughter-like-mother, Miss Belle decided what she really wanted to be doing was rummaging in the scrap bin to make a bed for her Waybuloo, De Li (OK anyone reading this who does not have small children, Waybuloo's are little (kind of Buddhist!) magical creatures on CBeebie's (children's TV)). The rest of you mummies may just sigh in mutual recognition of what 5 years of enforced preschool CBeebies will do to take over your world!

That's all fine, we usually end up in the scrap bin, it's where the most fabric fun can be found, no? Except Mummy started playing too.....and......... well I spent the rest of the weekend on a new idea. Oops.

You see the pink scraps were all laid out next to my MakeClub flyer, and they matched so nicely, and I have a penchant for fabric signage ( see my Make Do & Mend banner at the side), so now I am making a MakeClub welcome pendant to hang on my door on Club Nights! Except the next one is tommorrow night .....gulp.... my Sycamore leaf applique is looking accusingly at me ... better go and do some sewing!

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