Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Two Nice Things Happened

Today as I was unloading the dishwasher (important as a scene setter as, although I am generally of the cheerful personality type, loading the dishwasher is not the high spot of my day!) two nice things happened.

Ping went my phone, and the news that I HAD WON! Yippee yipee, isn't it lovely to win something? I am the featured blog in this weeks Quilt Home news letter! Now winning a surprise competition is reward enough in itself, but not satisfied with that they sent me $20 to spend at Quilt Home! Now I LOVE quilthome anyway, I could buy every piece of material they stock, and the joy that those fat flat rate envelopes bring as they make a satisfying thud on the doormat having winged their way across the Atlantic! Thankyou QuiltHome!

So I was all a flutter at the excitement of Amy Butlers new LOVE range that my $20 will be buying me, when Ping again went my phone. This time it was my oldest friend with the news that her little son has chicken pox and all that is making him happy is his Robot quilt that I made for him. Now, not to say that having Pox is a nice thing, but that text made me smile. Isn't that just what quilt making is all about? That's why I love making quilts for babies, theres nothing more comforting when a small person is under the weather. Poor little chap - get well soon. This is his quilt, it was the forerunner to SkyPark, called Little Robots.

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