Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Quilting + Knitting

Friends keep commenting that I started a blog to share my quilting projects, then promptly fell in love with knitting too! I suppose it's a kind of KnittyQuiltyBlog, but I don't think there is really a distinction as they are just such a complementary pair of crafts; colour and fibre and tactile and done by hand.

This is one of the many baby quilts I made for BabyButton when I was expecting her, I've since knitted a blanket ( moss stitch in Debbie Bliss soft pink) to go with it. All tucked into the buggy under these two layers she couldn't be snugglier.

My stripy blanket is well under way, I'm just embarking on the final 3 colours which make up the bluey/green end of the stripes. I've discovered cable knitting since I started it ( see my Ultimate Buggy Gloves) http:// and now I wish i had cabled it too, but might have been too much with the horizontal stripes too? I have a little burning thought of vertical cabled stripes, wouldn't that make a nice blanket? How many blankets and quilts can 3 children have?
My little Boy has been off playing muddy games with a friend so we have had a very girlie afternoon, the pencils have been sorted............

Then we started making birds from Joelle Hoversons book. Have you tried them? We've just made everything in this book, it's so lovely. Last year we did red and white xmas ones for the tree which were lovely, we thought we'd try robins this year after looking at this lovely post http://
As you can see we've cut out all the pieces, then had a brainwave and decided to create a quilted robin in homage to the Attic24 crocheted one (as I haven't learnt to Crochet yet!), he's turned out rather sweet looking?

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