Tuesday, 6 October 2009

MakeClub Night

Today is MakeClub night, it's one of my favourite days in the month. Let me tell you all about MakeClub. You see I discovered quilting by accident (see post in May). But it was a lonely discovery because we don't have a friendly quilt shop nearby, I didn't know another single person who quilted, and blogland was an undiscovered place! So I quilted alone and bored all my friends and family with my quilty chat. But then come the recession suddenly it's Cool to Craft out in the wider world again and I found myself 'outing' myself as a quilter to all and sundry. As part of my 'outing' I discovered that many people had a dark crafty secret!

MakeClub began as a little thought that developed at Sports Day in June. My kids infant school is just lovely, but one thing that is agreed by all is that a non competitive under 7's sports day can be a long and frankly rather dry affair for the spectator. As we shuffled around clapping Beanbags in the Hoop game etc I started to chat about how I longed to learn to knit properly. A friend suggested the local Age Concern Group who meet at the Church Hall, but we felt that our bevvy of under 5's may not be too welcome an addition to ordered knitters! We need our own group we said...........

So we got together, called ourselves MakeClub, we all got v excited, started telling people about our fun group, others started asking to join, and now we have a lovely group of knitters, quilters, cross stitchers, crocheters, flower arrangers and a cake decorator! We meet twice a month, we do a Show&Tell session a HelpMe!HelpMe! slot, and each month someone who has a skill shows the rest of us how to do it! Oh and we have a cake, and lots of tea and chat! We also meet one morning with babies in tow (picture it - it's kind of dog+baby+wool macrame!).
As a result of my MakeClub friends I have taken first faltering steps towards being a knitter, I have polished off a couple of scarves, and now a moss stitch blanket. As you can see Baby Button learnt to crawl in between the scarf being finished and the blanket, that may be the end of willing poses!

Never one to take baby steps I have decided to go straight from square knitted items....... to socks! I have had a go at the 4 needle cast on, it's looking OK so far, no? Oh cashmere socks here I come!

Looking back at these pics though I'm thinking the knitting is all a bit pink? Time for a stripey blanket? I'm off to soak up some colourful stripey inspiration at Lucy's Attic24 blog
http://attic24.typepad.com/, ooh and to pick up my 'teach yourself crochet' book from the library! Another day another project!

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