Wednesday, 31 March 2010

More Newness! Introducing BubbleWrap for Boys!

Hummm, BubbleWrap for boys, someone should really invent it, there's a great idea in there somewhere as I look at my scruffy little sons scuffed knees and scabby elbows.............But anyway, if lifes bumps and knocks get too much for your little bruiser why not make them a BubbleWrap quilt to wrap up in?

You might remember this pile of fabrics way back when. Well here is my NEW quilt kit for Make Do & Mend Quilts. It's designed to be really straightforward to make, it's one of the quickest to throw together so totally trouble free if you're a nervous novice, but it's suitably big-boyish for the boldest of little boys. I hope you like it, it's on etsy and folksy now.

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