Monday, 15 March 2010

Shhh - she says she wants to make a quilt!

Mothers day is always lovely, but this year I really did get just what I had always wanted.....

My biggest Small Person (aged 6) announced she wanted to make a quilt. Of course I was all nonchalant, not the pushy parent at all (as if! I squealed with joy and then bustled her into my sewing room - you are MINE now! ha ha ha ha ( bond villain laugh!))

She chose all of the fabrics out of the scrap bin, my heart was bursting as she sat trying out fabrics, making changes. Shyly she showed me her final pile, we talked about bright colours making light colours stand out more when they are side by side, we talked about pinky pinks and bluey pinks, it was special.

I cut the squares out with the rotary cutter and she has been painstakingly hand stitching them together after much deliberation of the placement, I daren't move them ( hence the Sylvanian family caravan in shot!).
I think I have Mary Ingals from Little House on the Prairie to thank for this. She is often described as 'sewing nine patch blocks'. I love those books, my big Small has been reading them on a loop for two years now, we never tire of them.

She is having me photograph each stage and she is writing a book for her friends about how to make a quilt. Isn't that fab! If quilting is a journey, just think how far along it you can get if you start at 6? I'd better up my game or she'll be overtaking me in no time. But I guess accepting that is what being a mother of daughters is all about?

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  1. It's beautiful and lucky you - I still have a couple of years yet before I can have a little apprentice.