Wednesday, 24 March 2010

HubbaBubba Quilt

I have been playing. Just playing. Not planning and drafting, or measuring or agonising. Playing.

I have been reading Gwen Marstons fantastic book Liberated Quiltmaking II. In a section called 'Quiltmaking as Play' she says "See this as 'playtime at the sewing machine.....I think your chances for doing something innovative improve when you just plunge ahead. Just start making something. Life is short. Do your own work, have a good time, and be nice to everybody...including yourself"

I love Gwen, I want to go around to her house on Beaver Island and have a nice big cup of tea and chat quilts. She sounds so lovely, don't you think?! Anyway, I have been doing quite a lot of slightly stressy sewing recently, you know the sort, for a deadline, worried about how it will be received, fun but not LOADS of fun, yeah? Well yesterday I walked into my sewing room, turned over the piece of paper with the list of Things To Do on it and just started messing about with colours from the stash.

I have a new toy, a corner to corner curve ruler, so i just started cutting into some fabrics just to have a go with it, well an hour later I am back in the room and look at these beauties. I am totally in love with this colour combo, it's so bubblegum, not at all my usual pink, but i seem to have loads in the stash, humm.

Anyway, turns out Gwennie is right, Quiltmaking as Play is fun and you make fab stuff you might have otherwise overlooked. Have a go!


  1. Beauties indeed and such a lovely new toy.

    Have a fabulous day,

    Nina x

  2. Love the fabrics you chose for this! Gwen is the nicest person. She has been wonderful mentoring Tonya through getting a book published.

  3. @Yankeequilter - It's so nice to hear that Gwen is nice and supportive - i just knew she would be - some people just sound nice when they write don't they?!