Wednesday, 3 March 2010

In,Out, Shake It All About

Oh the joy of family life. I have three lovely kids. They are a source of constant joy to me, i don't like to moan but etc etc ( fill in the rest!). But today I have one who has just (rather dramatically) lost her front tooth, one who is (rather dramatically) teething her baby teeth, then to top it all, Boy-in-the-middle spent the night throwing up with his second sickness bug in a month. Now any one of these things on their own would pass without comment in the rich tapestry of family life, but three together, in the same night, now that adds up to very little sleep indeed. yuk.

I am comforting myself with mindless repetitive piecework preparing applique shapes. It's remarkably soothing to the tired mind: trace, iron, trim, stick, repeat....................yawn.

p.s I thought I'd show you my very lovely sewing purse. After extensive research to find the perfect storage for portable sewing kit I can confidently say this is it. It's just big enough ( needle book, pins, thimble ( leather and metal x2), scissors, thread conditioner,thread) sturdy enough ( lovely baby cord), and always makes me smile (I do love a goose!), you can buy them from Isla B Baby here as well as lots of other delicious things at the More Than a Mama Fayre in Berkhampsted, Hertfordshire,UK on Friday 26th March.


  1. oooh I'm feeling your pain!
    I have a three year old and a six year old both with seperation anxiety!
    Thanks for the plug, should be a good fair!

  2. I am soooo with you - on days like that after nights like that I tend to go onto automatic pilot!

    Hope you have a better night?

    Nina x

    ps. love the sewing pouch by the way.

  3. Sewing Pouch - thats the name for it! I was thinking is it a sewing purse or sewing envelope, sewing clutch? Thanks!

  4. Ahh, the pleasure of family life with young children. I'm impressed though that you managed to write a post, I had a 'night from hell' with the boys on Tuesday and on Wednesday I was useless and very, very grumpy.

    Love the sewing pouch!

    Beth/The Linen Catx

  5. Thank you for the link to my site and love the idea that it makes a good sewing pouch, maybe I should make some more and market them this way.... Mmm feeling the scissors and thread calling me!

  6. Isla B Baby - oh yes sewing themed ones would be lovely, or a slightly bigger one for crochet would also find a grateful home here! Hark at me - couture craft storage!