Friday, 26 March 2010

The Rough and the Smooth

This is a post about how sometimes it's really hard to make what's in your head. You see I worry that sometimes when you read a blog it can seem like it's all so effortless to churn out lovely quilts. I often get a fit of the insecurities watching other peoples wonderful creations. So I wanted to share with you a project that just isn't working out. Because, well it's important to not just blog your successes isn't it? We're all human after all!

So here we go.

hummm. Fabric I love ( Jessica Levitt Timber), an all time favourite pattern ( Dresden Plate). So why is this not working for me?

I started out thinking I wanted to go a bit art deco. I had in mind one of those fan art deco mirrors, d'you know the sort? So armed with my new dresden plate template ruler off i went boldly forth. hummm. I didn't like it.

So I thought, well make a dresden plate. I had seen dresden quarters done beautifully on different colour backgrounds, so I thought i'd have a go at that. hummm still not happy.

Sometimes you just have to walk away. Clear the old head. Work in daylight ( MAKES such a difference!). And come back another day. I know that there is a fantastic quilt in here somewhere, maybe next week i'll be able to winkle it out!


  1. Hi Deb, I have just found your blog via Barbara Brackman's blog...I wanted to check out your posting of the quilt exhibition at the V & A Museum. Thanks for your review, sounds like it is a very thought provoking exhibit. (wish Australia was a lot closer to England, so we Aussie quilters could view the quilts too!) Also wanted to say thanks for your honesty re: The rough & the smooth, about how things don't always go to plan when making a quilt. It's good to hear of other quilters that have a project that does not always go to plan. I have just been reading the current Australian mag, Country Style, and was glad to read a comment made about having guests for a lazy Sunday lunch..."I like to keep it very casual - no more than 4 to 6 friends, otherwise I get all flustery." I am not saying that I don't appreciate quilts that make my jaw drop or '5 star' dinners, but it is good to read that others have days or times that that don't go to plan or that they get flustered when entertaining. from Jenny

  2. I love the aqua and cerise, but not too sure about the soft pink. Mmmmmmm.....I hope you work it out?

    Nina x

  3. Jenny - thanks for stopping by! Flustery is no fun at all is it? Glad I'm not the only one who is allergic to it!