Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Little Robots

A lovely friend had her baby at the weekend, a little boy. I had promised to make her a quilt for him, but as she didn't know what flavour she was having ( he was no 4 and she has some of each so lovely to have a surprise!), I was a bit caught out on ideas.

She had picked out this Kokka Robots fabric before as something she liked. I was suddenly seized by the urge for bright bold stripes on this grey day. I just love the feeling of putting together a complete stash quilt, just pulling colours into a big jumbly pile on the bench before inspiration starts to make itself clear. I'll applique the spots this evening at MakeClub. I'm excited about quilting it, I think it's going to be fab. Got to run, school run in the biting cold beckons!

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