Sunday, 21 March 2010

Hope Valley Baskets

Happy Quilting Day everyone! I have been showing the day the respect it deserves by getting some sewing done. You may remember Hope Valley Baskets when I started piecing it back at the start of the year? It has been a bit on the back burner as I have been working hard for the last month on the new Make Do & Mend Baby Quilt Kits ready to be unveiled on 1st April.

Inspired by my week looking at the quilts at the V&A exhibition, I found myself wanting to go back to something quite traditional. I love how this quilt is working out. As soon as I saw the Denyse Schmidt Hope Valley prints I knew I wanted to make something in keeping with the period, and settled upon the baskets pattern from Quilts! Quilts!! Quilts!!!. In the pattern the baskets are set on a white background, but somehow it looked too harsh. When I paired them with the grey it finally made colour sense to me. The quilt in the book has no border, but I loved the little jewel like scraps in the pile so I thought I would add just a sprinkling of colour by piecing an irregular border. The only problem is that I love this combo so much I'm not ready to let it go and am just starting to piece new blocks for the back! So much for getting something finished!

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