Saturday, 27 February 2010

Marshmallow Buggy Blanket

Marshmallow Buggy Blanket is now finished, it is so scrummy and warm I wanna get in that buggy myself, ho hum I know my lot is to push, lashed by rain and winds. boo. hoo.

Bizarrely the sun is shining today, it's quite springlike, but we all know it is a big con as tomorrow we get storms according to the weather peeps. yuk.

I find a colour combination gets stuck in the subconscious and comes out all over the place. I have been looking at my Jessica Levitt Timber pile for a week or so now, kind of waiting for the perfect idea to work itself free of all the 'but what if like this...?' thoughts that whirl about a new project. Turns out that while I've been cogitating the fabric, the woolly version has knitted itself....looks like another quilt/blanket combo is in the offing, you know i do so love those!


  1. 'ooooohhhh' that does look very snuggly, maybe you could make a grown up version??

    Love the colours by the way.

    Have a wonderful weekend,

    Nina x

  2. Hey debs what size needles did you knit this up on? I love how squishy and snuggly it looks.

  3. They are size 10 loop needles Check out for a fab looking pattern for a big flumpfy beret in Debbie Bliss Como in moss stitch. I'm def going to try it, the blanket is so soft and cosy, it needs to be worn!