Saturday, 13 February 2010

Come On Spring!

It's been a waiting kind of week. Baby Button had a tummy bug, lots of pacing about, no sewing. Outside winter had another try, but spring forces are starting to fight back. Daffodils on the table are one of my favourite things.

I did finish my LemonDoodle quilt top. I have had such fun doing this - it's great to just do something spontaneously as it comes into your mind (or is doodled whilst daydreaming about spring in your garden). I looked at the sinuous loops which i had started to colour in with the bucket of kids pencils in front on me on the table, suddenly the light bulb went ping - wouldn't that make a lovely quilt?

An hour of Baby Button sleep time later ( oops no tea cooked, no dishwasher emptied, no laundry on) and much more big scribbling on a roll of brown wrapping paper and the template for the doodles was in place. The pencil scribble line was a bit less easy to arrive at, but creative problem solving is also a very nice way to pass the day. Next week I'm going to try and write you a little tutorial for this method as it's actually so easy once you're away, and lends itself to so many uses, anyone fancy scribbling names across their quilts? Messages? Anyway, next week is half term so you will have to be patient, I expect I won't get too much done - perhaps a giant banner with 'pick it up, fold it up, put it away' doodled on it??!

I've also had a visit by the postman with these lovely fabrics, they are called Timber by Jessica Levitt and they came from Hawthorne Threads. Aren't they wonderful? I love the art deco patterns, I want to do something very graphic and deco, maybe like deco stained glass. I feel some very satisfying research coming on...i'm off to play on google images!

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