Thursday, 18 February 2010

Yarn Love

I'm having a bit of a yarnish week, I am all a-love with wool at the moment. My new love crochet has been consuming my creative time, although progress is still quite slow, I'm almost at cushion size I think?! The postman bought me this lovely book, so I am looking forward to going geometric on the granny squares, and making some circles, pentagons, flowers - a whole new world of crafty fun has opened up! Learn a new skill, I promise it's the best energy kick there is. It should be on prescription for the February-depressed!

I also succumbed to the naughty temptation of John Lewis haberdashery dept and bought this gorgeous flumpfy wool. It's Debbie Bliss Como, a superchunky wool/cashmere mix. After several false starts ( stocking stitch is too flat, cable too chunky etc I settled on moss stitch as the perfect foil for this woolly marshmallowy wool. I am knitting a buggy blanket for Buttons ( coz she only has about 20 quilts and two knitted blankets to choose from!). But I think it would just make the most fabulous cushion covers, oh and imagine a big soft moss stitch beret, like having your head wrapped in a cloud ! Yumm

1 comment:

  1. That yarn looks gorgeous and super soft - enjoy your yarny week,

    Nina x

    ps. I was looking at that crochet book on Amazon yesterday - is it any good??