Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Rainbows in the Rain, Robins & Roses

Today was a very dramatic kind of weather day, black glowering skies and torrents of rain, then 10 mins later the bluest of blue skies and blinding sunshine, and wonderful rainbows.

It's the kind of weather to look at through the window whilst knitting I decided.

I have been working on a rainbow stripy blanket for a few weeks now, it was this...........

But now after a concerted rainy knitting effort, it is at last this.................

And of course I now feel the need to have a knitted blanket to match each of my baby quilts(!) so here it is with it's partner, my all time favourite quilt I have ever made, it was the first time I busted out of following patterns and just did my own colourful thing.
I also finished my last little robins and decided they would look lovely hanging next to my red curtains, so here they are where they will now live on my landing windowsill looking out into the trees in my garden.

Lastly Roses, still blooming in the rain in November, and even having the decency to match the burnished autumn colours so nicely. I walk past this rose each morning on the way to school and it makes me happy.

Got to go, it's MakeClub night, much Makey fun to be had.............

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  1. I love your circles quit - it is beautiful.

    'Hello' in return,

    Nina x