Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Quilty Snugglers

My son has always been one for a raggie or vooovoo to snuggle in bed. The loved items have usually been rather rag tag and included an old baby sleeping bag, a muslin square, and a pillowcase. I noticed a couple of weeks ago that his new Sailing Boats TV Quilt has been finding it's way upstairs into bed, it's soft quiltyness making it a near perfect snuggler, so I decided to turn my hand to creating the perfect Quilty Snuggler.

I mentioned my new task to a few friends who all agreed that a Mini Quilty might make a great first quilt project for the nervous! So I have spent the last few days cutting a few kits, and packing the most delicious little square Quilty Snuggler Boxes with kits.

I am off to my first fair tonight, the More Than a Mama Xmas Fayre at Berkhampsted in Herts, so will see if they find homes there! Come along if you are in the area, it looks like it will be a great evening. It is a group of Mums who Make, exhibiting for other mums to come along and shop, I'm very excited. Anyway better go and pack some boxes!

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