Thursday, 17 December 2009

"Office Xmas Lunch"

When you are a stay at home mum, one of the few things that you do miss with a pang is the excuse to have a good old fashioned, guilt free knees up at work at Xmas. I have three lovely friends who all had their 3rd child at the same time as me and we meet up weekly for babycentric fun and games. Today we went mummy-centric! We had a lovely 'Office' Xmas Lunch in my kitchen (my official office of course), there was a proper linen table cloth (not laminate!), there were candles, there was Winter Pimms with orange and cinnamon, then Bellini Cocktails and grown up nibbles. There was of course also raisins all over the floor, spilt drinks and mid meal nappy changes for our smaller guests, but heh, we mums had fun! We awarded ourselves a great appraisal, we deemed ourselves to have hit our stretching targets, so we had a bonus - Raspberry Pudding Cake from Nigellas How To Eat book - it's a classic. Sadly I had stopped photographing and started eating by that stage in proceedings so no photo. Sorry.

I also promised you a little secret look at my Elf Project. All things related to Xmas secrets are known as 'Elving' in our house and this is firmly in that camp. I am making Father Xmas sacks to hang at the end of the beds of the Smalls. I found the perfect linen, french style material in The Axminster Quilt Store, in Axminster in Devon. Lorette always has the perfect bolt you have searched for elsewhere. I'm hand sewing appliques of the Smalls names and hearts and stars. Obviously I'm on a bit of a immovable deadline on this one so I had better stop messing about on the computer and use this kids-in-bed-time to get on with them! Bye!

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  1. What a wonderful idea - I do miss the odd jolly good old workds do knees up, but it's a very, very rare thing.

    Have a lovely day,

    Nina x