Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

OOh I do love the promise of snow. I know that when one is a Grown Up one is supposed to mutter about trains not running and gritting, and slippery pavements for the old folk. But I confess I ADORE it when it snows! You see as well as the sheer joy of it, snowy weather here in the UK where we tend to make quite a fuss about it, counts as a Genuine Disruption to Normal Life. And genuine disruptions to normal life that involve being all nice and warm at home whilst the world turns without you means more time for Making Fun! Today the snow has been flurrying (great word! Not used nearly enough in daily life), and whilst insufficient for a complete halt to the proceedings that is school runs and groceries etc. I have sat all day (in between cold walks to and from school) looking out at the grey sky and knitting, and sewing Xmassy things. What could be nicer?
I'm knitting a woolly cushion cover with this gorgeous shimmering Manos Del Uruguay wool. It's going to be stripy and chunky. I have started knitting it in stocking stitch, but i think i like the knit side best at the moment as the colours kind of merge into one another. Will resist my usual Mid Knit Crisis and push on!

I am also midway through a little xmas sewing project for the Smalls which necessitates stealth sewing so no pics yet as too dark, will show you tomorrow if I get a chance!

Oh and the very indulgent bunch of tulips in just my fav shade of Damson were a present from my lovely Make Club as last night was our Xmas Make Merry night, and a fab time was had by all, just a teeny bit fragile today so knitting therapy just what was needed. Thank you Lovely Friends!

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  1. I love the mulberry yarn - very sniffable.

    Have a lovely evening,

    Nina xxx

    ps. it snow at tea time here!