Sunday, 13 December 2009

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside

You can't beat the English Seaside on a crisp winter day, in low sunlight with a stiffish cold wind whipping about. We have had the loveliest weekend by the sea, in fact my weekend was full of the best things in life;

1. The Seaside
2. Family
3. Knitting a new skill ( I learnt to knit flowers)
4. Visit to favourite Quilt shop and purchase of exciting new stash items.
5. Ice cream

I also tried my hand at learning to crochet under the patient tuition of my lovely mum. Humm. I was not a natural, more practise needed. Think crochet will be my 2010 new years resolution!

Until then I will be knitting flowers and adorning all knitted items in sight!

Aren't these beach-hut-fingerless-glove-tastic?!

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