Wednesday, 2 December 2009

The medicinal effects of bunting!

Oh, we have had some fun with the xmas stencils this week. It's been quite a handmade production line. I have had a small person suffering with a fluey bug as my special helper. He selects stencil and draws around the shape, I cut out the felt, he adds embellishments, eyes, buttons etc, I sew them all on, he arranges, and re arranges and arranges again the eventual bunting order. It's amazing how quickly a day can pass when under the influence of the medicinal effects of bunting!


  1. I hope your little person feels better soon...

    ...and I do love your festive bunting what a lovely idea.

    Nina xx

  2. You both are doing a wonderful job! They're cute!

    I hope he feels better soon...but I'm sure you're enjoying this special time together!