Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Yarnish Temptations

I must resist, I must resist.

After a long overdue tidy up and audit of my workroom this weekend it became very apparent that I am not a 'completer/finisher'. When I used to do a scary job where everyone else was very ambitious and high powered except me (I spent my time dreaming of pottering about at home in a pinny), we used to get subjected to these horrible personality audits where they would tell you 'what kind of person' you were and how you could 'flex your style'. Ooh it gives me the shivers just remembering. Anyway, they always said I was not a completer/finisher. Which if you are an optimist just means I am a very good starter/beginner!

Anyway. I now have a tidy workroom and a large pile of unfinished things that need to be finished before I start anything new. Yes I am feeling very strict with myself.

But ooh, just look at my lovely new wool, just waiting to be knitted.

I'm planning to knit this pattern for 'proper' fingerless gloves from Purl Soho. They have kind of finger bits and are knitted in the round. But before I can start I have to finish my made up gloves which I fondly call the Ultimate Buggy Gloves, or rather the Ultimate Buggy Glove as there was only one for some time as I had to track down another ball of the lovely Mission Falls wool. Anyway, it's been quite strangely mild so I haven't really missed the other glove (no, I haven't just been wearing one), but a cold snap is no doubt on it's way so a second glove must be finished first.

As part of my new completer/finisher boot camp I am also doing the Tall Grass Prairie New Year Challenge to list and finish as many UFO's as possible before the new year. I am one down, lots still to go! Seems my style is not quite flexing enough!!

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