Friday, 13 November 2009

In Appreciation of Buttons as a Gateway to Happy Feelings

It's very grey here, and very rainy, and everyone has a perfect conditions for the power of buttons to work their magic! Today I decided was the kind of day for the most trivial type of making, which is all so often the most satisfying kind don't you think?

You see I have been on a mission to make my MakeRoom a bit more 'Studio'ish! I have looked at many many lovely, colour coordinated, organised, beautifully storaged studios on different blogs, and frankly, mine is not a thing of beauty. I am lucky enough to have a bit of a 'room of ones own', but where as in life I am quite tidy, in craft I am a bit of a scruff. By the way isn't the original cover of Virginia Woolf's essay quite beautiful? It could be a lovely New England blue and white quilt couldn't it?

I digress, anyway as part of my MakeRoom MakeOver I bought some cheap and cheerful pin boards in Ikea and painted the frames a lovely Barn Red. Then I have assembled all the scraps of things I tear out and print off for inspiration, that previously have just formed a little dusty heap of curling edges. But when it got to the pinning on bit, I felt a lack of something. I googled 'fun drawing pins' but it seems they don't exist? After a dejected trawl through Rymans and the like I found to my joy thatI was not alone in my dissatisfaction of the humble drawing pin!

Now I know there are probably much better things I could be doing with my time, but in a time~related to~enjoyment type equationy way I think this is just about a perfect way to spend 20mins on a very rainy, coldy, Friday!

It's as simple as get some pins, glue on some colourful buttons ( not your fingers, it's a bit fiddly), feel happy...........Life can be very simple when you let it!

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