Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Home Comforts

Today has been full of delicious homey moments. The postman bought my Country Living fix, lots of gorgeous pictures of roaring log fires and Christmassy loveliness. On days like today where cold rain falls from dark skies, Home is such a lovely concept. Warmth, comfort, safety, lovely cooking smells, quilts = Home, to me. Home Making - it's a job that doesn't get enough credit. So with a big mug of tea, whilst my biscuits baked I have been enjoying some uninterrupted recipe browsing. I bought this lovely book at our local National Trust stately home gift shop at the weekend. It is full of really lovely traditional hearty fare, just the thing for cold dark dank November days!
I have also indulged in a little Xmas Craft Planning! My little pile of christmassy fabric is starting to call to me...........!

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