Monday, 9 November 2009

Fleeting Moments

Every now and then life freeze frames and seems to remind you to look around, remember this moment, stop racing ahead.

My little people are growing so fast. Back at the start of the autumn my boy Badger and the Big Little Miss requested a 'Snuggly TV Quilt' each. I finished Badgers first (partly because he has the greatest TV need being a boy?!).
Little Misses was designed and pieced, but had kind of dropped to the bottom of the queue. She had specifically requested butterflies, and it HAD to be pink, and it had to 'match with her fairy stuff'. After a little creative tussle we had settled on Charlie and Lola style butterflies (her design) and 1930's fabrics, pretty but not totally pink (my design).

On Friday I had a freeze frame moment as she decided what to wear to visit her cousins the next day. She announced that she had decided that pink was no longer her 'total favourite' but that she preferred 'kind of bluey green'. Now for anyone who has been through the pink phase you do long for it to be over. But now on the pronouncement I saw that Little Person phase slowly drifting away like fairy dust! She's getting grown up ( 6 years!) and if I don't finish the Butterfly Fairy Quilt soon it will be too late! I've spent the weekend quilting furiously, hope to get to binding maybe tomorrow. Oops, racing ahead again!

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