Wednesday, 30 June 2010

New New New!!!

This week the postman has been knocking at least once a day with my favourite USPS envelopes in hand!

I have had a bit of a re stash in readiness for a summer of full-on creative fun. So far my summer sewing plans include; Laurie Wisbrun's Tufted Tweets

Heather Ross' Far Far Away II (where is the rest of my fabric from this line Mr Postman? Am starting to worry!)

Cosmo Crickets Early Bird ( you really did have to be an early bird for this on the Hawthorne Threads site, it was sold out in a flash!)

A fantastic Wine Gums inspired collection of colour

I have lots of swirling ideas for each of these little bundles of promise. I find that the 15mins-each-way, twice-a-day walk to school is the perfect time for cogitation, quiet baby in the buggy watching the world go by, sun shining and mind whirling, anyway off I go to school again, just 3 more weeks of idea generation before the summer holidays begin!


  1. OH these are wonderful fabrics. where did you get them? Especially the FFA 2 fabrics seem to be sold out everywhere.

  2. To Nadine - they are all from Hawthorne Threads or Fabric Worm, on Hawthorne Threads you can sign up for an e mail alert when something comes back into stock ( i think FFA2 is due back in in August) but you still have to be quick off the mark!

  3. Very very gorgeous! I'm going to try and get some FFA1 & 2 whilst on hols in the states week afteer next!