Monday, 14 June 2010


My little town is gradually growing, but more slowly than I would like. Construction has been rather an unwelcome theme in my family this month. My poor dad has suffered cement burns whilst doing some construction and so life is a bit upside down at the moment and blogging is down the list, even if some therapeutic hospital bedside sewing is getting done. Cement burns are poorly publicised, but so dangerous. Anyone coming into contact with wet cement can have an alkali necrosis of the skin ( it basically eats away, taking the moisture from within the tissue). What is so hideous is that you don't always realise it is happening until its too late. So concrete, unnoticed, splashing down a boot, or seeping through the knees of work trousers is so easily done, do warn anyone who might be planning a bit of DIY that this can happen. Hopefully dad is on the mend, I'm finding sewing houses better for the physical and mental health than building them, I may suggest it to him too!


  1. Ouch! I know how bad cement burns can be, a couple of years ago a very silly Mr. G jumped into some wet concrete foundations when they were dumped in the wrong place. He rang me on the way home to run him a bath as his feet were hurting so I told him I'd meet him at A&E where he was admitted and required skin grafts around his ankles, he was off work ages stupid boy and the money he thought he was saving by shovelling cement (wearing knee high wellies) he lost again on sick pay to himself!! Justine xx

  2. Thanks Justine, My Pa will be glad to hear he is not the only one out there feeling rather cross with themselves! Blooming painful though isn't it?! Poor Mr G too.

  3. Best wishes to your dad and hopefully a speedy recovery.

    Do you know I never knew that about cement though it's always good to know.

    take care,

    Nina x

  4. ooh the sounds painful I had no idea about cement burns but now makes complete sense having read it. On another note your little town is looking simply stunning!

  5. Hope your Dad gets better soon. I think sewing buildings is much safer - they look great too.

  6. oh dear that's awful. I'd never heard of cement burn before... good luck to your dad.

    And that quilt is coming along so beautifully.

  7. My husband built a nice stone wall using cement mortar his buddy a stone mason helped and has always warned of this. I hope your father is on the mend.

  8. Love the quilt, so very creative.
    Love your son's wigwam that is wonderful you included it.
    have fun quilting it.