Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Do you Have Plans for the Summer?

It's that time of the year, the 'do you have plans for the summer?' conversation crops up a lot. The sun is shining, we're all counting down to the end of term, sports days and village fetes and holidays to pack for.

I have a lot of non-plans for the summer, I don't want 'playdates' and organised clubs, I don't want the kids to have to do anything at all. I love non-plans, I love the promise of the day stretching ahead where there's really nothing much that needs to be done, perhaps a little baking, a potter in the garden, maybe we'll scooter down to the park, feed the ducks, take a walk in the woods. But mostly we will potter, pootle, muddle about, make dens, play games, do projects like last years epic 'make a working cable car from the top of the slide to the football net for the playmobile people'.

....and whilst the kids have their fun, mummy has some quilty pleasures planned of her own. Three quilts all based and ready to hand stitch lazily whilst dallying in a deckchair

The handsewn-hexagon project rumbles on.....

And a lot of very exciting new fabric to turn into quilts over the summer, which I will show you tomorrow.......yummy!


  1. I like your plans for the summer - that's my kind of way to do things too. We have a family holiday up north planned for two weeks, and all the kids are going to swimming lessons for 30 mins next week each morning, but apart from that we'll just take it as it comes. Enjoy your deckchair! Julie

  2. This was how I always loved summer holidays when my four children were growing up and now I enjoy them when I am with my grandchildren...lazing in the garden, walking in the woods, sitting on the beach.....this is what summer is all about!

  3. I like your idea of non plans for the summer. I've been puttering in the garden, and getting in ambit of sewing as well. I hope you enjoy your summer.

  4. Grand plans! I love lazy days like that! Well as you know we head for an action packed 3wk trip to Florida in just 2 weeks time (Yikes!) but the remainder of the holiday will be spent with no plans just mooching about here and there! Justine xx

  5. I love non-planned summers, sadly mine is all booked up. Moving will take up most of it and football is not a choice anymore but a way of life for my eldest son. Luckily the younger two boys don't start sports until school starts back up, so only one child to run back and forth from practice.

    I love your hex stars, beautiful!! those folded quilts are also food for the soul....nothing prettier than a pile of quilts!!