Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Pile Up

It's official. I need to either get faster at hand quilting, get slower at top piecing, or learn to machine quilt. I have three basted quilts in progress of being hand quilted ( that's just three current ones, there are at least 4 or 5 shamefully skulking in the chest in the Front Room), and another two tops nearing completion......aggghhhh. It's time to get over the machine quilting fear or find a long arm quilter here in the UK - any recommendations?


  1. I feel the same...I love handquilting but it does take some time. When I tried to machine quilt, even with a walking foot, I struggled!

  2. I've never tried to machine quilt, but I'm not keen on the idea. I far prefer the handmade look though it takes an absolute age.

  3. oooh that pile looks so yummy i think its all the bubble gum pinks, gorgeous

  4. I've never hand quilted a quilt - i can't even keep up with the quilting and i do it on the machine. Just never enough hours in the day.
    For long arm quilting i can recommend Christine in Bradford:
    She's super talented and super nice!

  5. Thanks for the hand quilting encouragement and the machine quilting lead, much appreciated!

    Also Flossybossy, am looking forward to the Fat Quarterly launch next week, fab idea, i'll be a customer!