Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Interruptions from Eruptions

Normal blogging service now resumed after a bit of an interruption caused by the volcanic eruptions resulted in me being a single parent for a week as poor hubby battled to get home form Europe along with millions of others. As such, time for blogging luxuries were in short supply as three kiddies had to be single handedly herded and tended for several days. We filled the time with a bit of baking. I am always a fan of the kids cake decorations ( see here for my favourite) but this cake has shot to the top of the chart. They told me it's called 'Iceland without a Volcano'. Love them.
Anyway, the poor FrontRoom has been sadly unvisited, but a little bit of progress is that the Little Folks quilt blocks are starting to take shape. I am using an Album Block, but I'm having a wobble about leaving the big space in the middle empty. Whilst holding an empty mug waiting for the kettle to boil I wondered about a circle shape? Turns out my favourite cup of tea mug is just the right size, will have a play and see how it looks.......

1 comment:

  1. I know completely how you feel - what a hold your breath and wait and see situation. Glad your hubby made it back too.

    Nina xxxxxx