Friday, 23 April 2010

Good Things are Worth Waiting For

In my last post I was having a small overwhelmed moan about how much hand quilting I had to do and how long it all took. I said I wanted to start machine quilting. You all said, but hand quilting is so lovely and special. And you are right. Next time I'm at that inevitable lose hope stage when hand quilting - it's a little past half way, but before the end is in sight - just refer me to this post won't you? You see I always forget just how fab it feels when the quilting is done and the binding is starting to smarten it all up, and the quilt's real potential shows itself. This afternoon I was sewing binding, in the garden, looking at all the long awaited bulbs starting to bloom, and thinking how Good Things are Worth Waiting For -I suppose that's what makes them so good.
If anyone fancies making a quilt like this, I used the Creative Grids Circle in a Square ruler, and the fabrics are a mixture of Amy Butler, Kaffe Fassett, Momo Wonderland and Oakshott Shot Cottons, the backing is Amy Butler Love and the binding is Oakshott. The circle ruler is so easy to use so don't be frightened of circles! I loved making it so much I am already building a little fabric pile for a primary colours circles quilt using the same ruler......

p.s I'm thinking I'd probably better check out those long arm quilters just in case!


  1.'ve done a fabulous job and the hand quilting is a perfect finish!

  2. love it! but thats not a surprise, all your quilts are gorgeous. :)

    I had a play around with quilting my last couple of quilts on the machine as they were only small baby quilts but you've definitley inspired me to be more patient and give hand quilting ago again.

    Glad your enjoying this lovely weather too, ive been binding quilts in the sun this afternoon as well.

  3. It's 'gor'geous and well worth the patience.

    Love the colours too - like a swirl of ice cream.

    Nina xxx

    ps. I spy in Sew Hip this month? The article looks fabulous. Nx