Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Mid Century TV Quilt

Image from DesignBoom.com

I have had this design called Provence by Lucienne Day pinned to my board for a couple of months. I love Lucienne's fabric designs, and several quilt designs inspired by the shapes found in her work have been on my 'quilts to make' list for a while now.

I have had a special commission from my LittleBoy to make him a new quilt. Now he is not the most sophisticated client. The brief was, red, cowboys, tv............hummmm.

Now I'm almost embarrassed to have called upon Lucienne as inspiration for such a brief, but I'm surprisingly happy with how it's working out (although I think there is another quilt in this vein within me still to be made!). Here is a work in progress......

It's Kaufman Essex Linen mix as the background which I am using for the first time and I am loving. LittleBoy thinks they are TV's so on each TV are Cath Kidston Cowboys, Kokka Planes and Echino Racing Cars, just what he likes to watch on TV! He's happy, I'm happy, it's all good.

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