Wednesday, 26 May 2010

p.s Pixelated Fabric Squares

P.s ...........Thankyou all so much for your lovely comments about my Pixelated Quilt. I love Bloggers Quilt Festival, everyone is so nice!

When I cut the fabric for this quilt I cut a batch more extra squares, some went to good homes in the giveaway last week, but I have 5 piles left. They are 4"x4" squares of at least 24 fabrics that make up a colourwheel. They include Denyse Schmidt, Liberty for Quilts 1700-2010, Amy Butler, Jessica Levitt and many more.
It's not all of the fabrics in my quilt as some were proper little scraps out of the bucket so there was no extra to cut, but they do still make up a wheel as no colour areas are missed out.
So many people have commented that its hard to make a spectrum colour wheel, and hard to make a whole wheel from your stash. If anyone is interested I've listed the 5 colourwheel bundles on my etsy site so you could make your own version and add from your stash too, I'd love to see what becomes of them! I have had a couple of questions about the background for my pixelated quilt. It is Kona Ash and I do also have a bolt of that in stock so if you wanted the fabric for teh quilt back too just drop me a message and I can add it to the listing as I currently sell Kona Cottons on Folksy


  1. Cool idea. Where did you get Timber from?

  2. It was from Hawthorne Threads in the States, I am guilty of much US fabric shopping, but after all of the very thought provoking posts on your blog thread about supporting UK shops so that demand in the UK builds and we get better fabrics sooner from the wholesalers I am mending my ways!

  3. Hi Debs, how much background Kona would I need to make my quilt a decent size for a sofa throw? Thanks for my giveaway prize too I just keep looking at it and the kids love sorting the colours! Let me know so I can order some from you! Thanks Justine xx

  4. Hi Justine, glad you like the prize I am happy they have gone to a good home! Well mine was WOF ( width of fabic) wide as i didnt want a join in the fabric top, and the fact that it is circular kind of dictates a square quilt so it was approx 1m20cm by 1m20cm, but theres no reason why the circle shouldn't be an oval, or that you couldn't spread the dots out a bit and join two widths if you wanted it bigger? 1m20cm x 1m20cm is a decent lap quilt size and fits fine on the back of a sofa or chair.

  5. Thanks Debs I'm off to email you know re Kona! Justine xx