Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Confessions of a Colour Addict

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I'm supposed to be cleaning the house, making a bolognaise sauce, folding laundry etc etc. Before I'd even got my rubber gloves on I had got waylaid in My Front Room this morning. I always love love love the PurlSoho colour wheel quilt.I have this picture on my pin board. I decided to try out my stash to see if i had a colour wheel of my own...... It was so much fun.

Anyway, back to the!


  1. Love the colour wheel! Am feeling inspired by you blog and lovely quilts and have started a little quilt project of my own for my middle daughter Lottie. x

  2. This quilt is beautiful....and I have that same heart hanging in my kitchen!

  3. @ isla b baby - ohh can't wait to see it, everything you make is lovely. I love hearing that other people have started making quilts after reading the blog, thanks for letting me know, its made my day!

  4. @ lindsey - I love that heart too! Is it supposed to be a xmas decoration?! Never mind, too nice for only once a year and warns me that my littlest person is wiping sticky fingers up my freshly cleaned patio windows!!