Monday, 24 May 2010

Mad Dogs and English (Wo)Men

.........go out in the midday sun.
The sun is shining here, not just shining but 27degreeing, proper paddling pool hot! Yippee. It's true that a bit of guaranteed sunshine and a BBQ that won't be rained off is enough to turn most englishpeeps a bit skippyyippeemad.

As a consequence I have been doing a lot of this............

And not much sewing. But last week, inspired by this picture at stashmanicure, I decided to hit the stash and make an Irish chain quilt from its and bits. I cheated a little bit and strip pieced the squares then rotary cut them, but i think there is enough variation even though usually i like it to be truly random. I used this really soft palate of old fashioned pinks and blues and yellows that I had made into a pile last week for my colour confidence post . I started making it, planning it would be againist a white centre, but i suddenly decided to go grey ( Kona Ash as usual), which I am so regretting now. I usually love the grey combo but it's all looking a bit too muted? I added the white spots to give it a bit of zing. I'm hoping that it's just because the sun is so bright and when the usual grey English light comes back it will look all sophisticated and calming? It seems when the sun shines I'm wanting to make an in yer face flamingo pink and azure blue Rio inspired tropical quilt, maybe that's this weeks challenge?!


  1. Feeling hot, hot, hot here too and 'yep' the paddling pool is out!

    Enjoy the sun,

    Nina xxxxx

    ps. love the quilt

  2. @Tabiboo - v sweet of you to say so, I'm a bit 'blahhh' about it, but could just be the heat, off to put my feet back in the paddling pool!

  3. I love the grey and the subtle colours. Its really soothing, even in our weekend of summer.

  4. My spelling is horrible, but I recognize the shaum torte! My mom used to make that for us as our quintessential summer dessert with fresh strawberries and whipped cream. My husband has been asking for me to make one as its been a few years, now I think I must. Thank you for this!!


  5. Your work is uncommonly pretty! I really admire this beautiful quilt with the unusual addition of the pretty white appliqued circles.