Friday, 7 May 2010

Hung Parliament

Whatever your political colours today I expect you're as glued to the TV as me here in the UK. The outcome of our general election - a hung Parliament, an impasse, the unprecedented possibility of a coalition of the two parties that have done the worst on the night, as no one has failed to gain a majority of the British vote. Outside our little national bubble the Greeks are rioting, wall street lost 10% of it's value yesterday we need some form of stability and we've got lots more uncertainty, but then that's democracy for you, we've all had our say. I've settled in for the day with a heap of applique hand sewing and the TV on as we sail into uncharted waters. We sure don't live in boring times.


  1. Hi again, I've added a new page to my blog where I want to pull together a few UK fresh modern quilt shops.

    If you have any to add, it would be great if you could let me know with a comment or an email. And yes, I'm glued to the telly too!

  2. Fascinating stuff, isn't it? I've been especially glued to the news this week. Keep calm and carry on? Or, as one of our matching magnets says, freak out and eat cake?

  3. Not at all - boring times that is.

    Though I did find it all to be a bit of an anti climax if I'm honest. Change or the same...anything but collaboration.

    Enjoy your applique and have a fabulous weekend,

    Nina x

  4. Politics is the talk of the nation isn't it? The massive turnouts (+40% is being quoted for West Yorkshire) just shows people recognise something needs to be done to improve the state of the nation!! I just hope we get somewhere with the colaboration discussions this weekend! Justine xx